The productions of Artfilm P&D



2016 The drama documentary “AKUAREL (‘meaning I am sorry)”

2014 The feature film “The Internationals” (pre-production)

2013 The Documentary Film “In Shkodra: Is there a middle class in Albania?”

2013 The Feature Film “White, Red…” (in development)

2012 The drama documentary “Arian, do you remember?”

2011 The feature film “MAYA”

2009 The TV movie “The Concerns of an Obese”

2006 The documentary “It is all about us”

2005 The documentary “In the streets”

2005 The documentary “Butrinti”

2005 Artistic Documentary “SOFRA – Bektashi Love”,

2003 Artistic Documentary “Between Idols”

2001 Artistic Documentary “Grey Beard” – Shortlisted in several festivals: F.I.P.A. – Biarritz, France, North-South Media Festival - Geneva, Switzerland, Y.I.F.F. Japon, World Film Festival, Montreal, Canada, etc.

2000 Drama documentary “Avalanche” - Winner “Amphora of Art” for the best documentary, Balkan Festival of TV Programs, Sophia, Bulgaria.