About US

Mr.Vasi has been commissioned by TPI (Teleproductions International, Ltd.”, Virginia, U.S.A. as a director to co-produce a series called “Road to Peace” in 1999.An author filmmaker, Pluton Vasi is the scriptwriter and director of a considerable number of the drama documentary films and feature films, honoured and appreciated with awards and prizes, in the country and abroad. His TV movie “The Concerns of An Obese” is the Winner of the Award  “Golden Ace Award” in Las Vegas, USA and it is selected in the short lists of a number of prestigious Film Festivals all over the World. It was also nominated in the category “The Best Film Under 80 Minutes” in Swansea Bay Film Festival 2009, U.K, in the official selection of Rome International Film Festival, USA, in official selection of Alexandria International Film Festival, Egypt, in the section “World Cinema” at Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, etc.His last feature film “Maya” which has its successful premiere in January 2011 and it has 23 nominations and 3 wins which go especially for Mr.Vasi as the director of the film “Maya” (further down the information).He is well-known in Albania on a different individual analytic angle of the social issues and as a brave opposite director to all the political governments often risking a lot to loose… He is introducing a new contemporary trend of  genres production in Albania.  

He is actually also the Managing Director of Satellite TV Channel, Albanian Public Radio Telelvision.

The producer of her own company “ARTFILM P&D”, Ms.Vjollca Dedei, of 30 years experience, is producer of most of the film productions directed byPluton Vasi, as productions of ARTFILM P&D. She has a great experience in the production field starting it working as a freelance local producer with Breakfast News, BBC TV Center (1990-1997) and ITN (1997-on). She was the National Coordinator of The Thomson Foundation (1992-2006), organizing a lot of training and consultancy on production, distribution and management. She has been director of International Relations with Albanian Public Radio Television and she has been co-producer of many production projects with foreign companies and TV stations. She is the producer of the last two feature films, directed by Mr.Pluton Vasi, “The Concerns of An Obese” and “Maya”. She is actually the Controller of Top Channel Television, Top Media Group, the biggest commercial TV station in Albania.In years, their collaborators are well-known names such as their consultant Mr.Gareth Price, Ex Controller of BBC Wales and Director Manager of the Thomson Foundation; the scriptwriter Luljeta Lleshanaku, honoured with a numerous awards and prizes in the world; the scriptwriter Ylljet Alicka, honoured with a numerous awards and prizes in the world; the talented Director of Photography, Ram Shani; the master of sound, ing.Bardhyl Xhani, the well-known producer Driton Sahiti, etc.